Attract Love Flower of Life Crystal Grid Law Of Attraction Gift Set

Attract Love Flower of Life Crystal Grid Law Of Attraction Gift Set

Attract Love Flower of Life Crystal Grid Law Of Attraction Gift Set

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Your Abundance Crystal Kit includes:
1 Crystal Grid Card with an information sheet
1 Silk Bag to store your crystals
Healing stones include 1 green aventurine, 6 rose quartz, and 5 clear quartz
1 Palo Santo stick with sweet lavender to cleanse your kit
1 Selenite stick for charging your crystals
Handmade Reiki infused with love.

About Crystal Grids:
Crystal Grids are remarkable energy tools that are used in the manifestation of goals and aspirations. The power of a crystal grid comes from the combination of crystals, sacred geometry, and personal intention. When a crystal grid is created, the metaphysical properties of the selected items become energetically connected. They work together to amplify or transmute the energies of space.

The Flower of Life is considered one of the most sacred of all symbols, revered in many faiths around the world. Emitting energy in a pattern of boundless elegance, symbolizing beauty, and creation. Its components are said to be found in the first vibratory patterns of the universe, where all things emerge from the perfectly organized pattern.


Let us know if this is a gift and we will include a personalized card and gift-wrapping.

** Your set will be made to order for you from our selection of tumbled stones and natural crystals, so there will be variations in size, color, shape, and texture to those shown in the picture. No two crystals are alike, which is what makes each set so unique.

Please note that shipping and handling may take from 2-14 days. It’s 100% worth the wait as you’ll receive a unique, high-quality, handmade piece, which is not massively produced for major retailers and is not available to the general public.

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